Stephanie Schriock, president of EMILY’s List 

"Susan Wild is a life-long champion for women and families.  Susan has dedicated her life to serving her community and during her legal career  she has focused on fighting for justice and fairness.  As solicitor for the city of Allentown, she was a champion for transparency and accountability – never forgetting that she was there to serve the public. The families of Pennsylvania’s 7th Congressional District deserve a representative who will fight for them, and Susan will do just that.

"This open seat is an opportunity for new leadership in the Lehigh Valley. Susan Wild will fight to ensure access to health care for all working families and economic policies that don’t mortgage our future just to give big tax breaks to corporations. Susan Wild is exactly the type of leader we need to stand up to Republicans in Washington and EMILY’s List is proud to endorse her candidacy."


Bill Leiner,  Former Democratic Candidate, PA-7

"I’ve been saying for the last year that we need to get back to decency in D.C., and that a candidate with a strong progressive agenda who values all our voices is what’s needed to turn things around. I believe that we have found that candidate. Today I proudly announce that I am endorsing Susan Wild, a strong progressive voice for the 7th Congressional District. Susan represents the right set of values, experiences, and vision for the future. I will be dedicating my time and efforts for the remainder of the primary to supporting Susan and her primary bid. I’m convinced that she is the best and only candidate who can ensure the 7th goes Blue in November."


Ray O’Connell,  Allentown Mayor & Former Allentown City Council President

“As City Solicitor, Susan Wild did exemplary work in a difficult position. It’s not easy to serve both the City Council and the Mayor’s office, which are often in conflict, but Susan did it skillfully and with the utmost professionalism. Just as Allentown and its taxpayers benefitted from Susan’s dedication and work as a public servant, I have no doubt the entire 7th Congressional District will be better off with her as its advocate in Washington.”


Mike Schlossberg, State Rep. (D - 132nd District)

"The number one reason I'm endorsing Susan Wild for Congress is because she shares my values. I know what it's like to deal with elected officials who use their position to advance the interests of the richest at the expense of the rest of us, and use their power to suppress democracy and hurt minorities. I want a candidate who stands for decency, for integrity, and for all people, who knows what it’s like to struggle and survive. This is an easy one for me — I'm with Susan."


Peter Schweyer, State Rep. (D - 22nd District)

"Susan Wild is an incredibly hardworking, talented, smart, and tough woman who will go to Washington and stand up for the Lehigh Valley and progressive values. I couldn't be more proud to call her my friend and our next congresswoman."


Maureen Madden, State Rep. (D - 115th District)

"I’ve always believed our elected leaders must empower women — in government and in life. That’s true every day and every year, but especially in 2018, when we have so much at stake. I’m proud to give my full and unflagging endorsement to Susan Wild because I know she shares that same vision. But that’s not all; Susan Wild is the only candidate in the 7th District whose platform is built around fighting for working-class families. She'll fight for living wages, affordable health care, and lifting everyday Americans out of poverty. I also know Susan will work tirelessly to build coalitions at the state and federal levels to push for issues we both feel passionately about — keeping our unions strong, fully funding our public education system, and doing whatever it takes to protect our children and families from gun violence."


Geoff Brace, Lehigh County Commissioner 

“The Lehigh Valley is a wonderful place to call home, and we need a representative in Congress who will always put our region’s interests first. That’s why I’m fully putting my support behind Susan Wild, who I have no doubt will be our best advocate in Washington. In her legal practice, Susan has always been a tenacious advocate for her clients. And in her public service, Allentown was fortunate to have her as Solicitor during a difficult time for the city. I know that in Washington, she’ll continue to be the type of independent person we need to steer the ship. Susan’s professional experience and track record of common sense are everything voters are looking for in an elected official. That’s why she’s our best hope to turn the 7th District blue this November.”


Tom Muller, Lehigh County Executive, 2014-2017 

“Susan has the skills to cast politics aside and instead weigh the issues carefully before making the smart decision and the right decision. I’ve seen Susan step into difficult situations and she’s always been a leader — and often the ‘adult in the room’ — when it comes to convening diverse groups and finding solutions to difficult problems. That’s how she quickly gained the city council’s respect as City Solicitor, it’s why she’s so well regarded throughout the legal community, and it’s why I know she’ll be a strong voice in Congress when it comes to fighting for Pennsylvania’s working families.”


Amy Zanelli,  Lehigh County Commissioner 

“I think Susan Wild is the strongest candidate to win in November, so I am putting my support behind her now. Susan is exactly the type of leader we need representing us in Washington — she will stand up for the right values and always put the needs of her constituents first. She’s smart, she’s tough, and she’s the Democrat we need in a year when the stakes couldn’t be higher.”


Allentown City School District At-Large Representative Sara Jane Brace

"When Rep. Charlie Dent announced he wouldn’t be running for reelection, my heart sank. As a lifelong Republican, I always supported him because he was able to see across the aisle and didn’t always vote for issues just because his party wanted him to vote a certain way. Did I always agree with his votes? No; but for the most part I was able to support him. I switched parties this year when I realized the Republican Party was not putting forth a nominee to follow in Congressman Dent’s footprints. I’m endorsing Susan Wild because she is the best person to continue to work across the aisle to better our state and our country. As a school board member for the Allentown School District, I ran to combat the Trump Administration and its attacks on public education. I know Susan, in turn, will work for our children to make sure their basic right to a free public education is not taken away."


Candida Affa,  Allentown Council Vice President

“Susan Wild is conscientious, hardworking, and experienced — and I’m thrilled to endorse her campaign for Congress. As City Solicitor, her litigation expertise and integrity not only earned the respect of the Council, but also saved the city a lot of money. And, personally, I owe her a debt of gratitude for her invaluable help in passing my Nuisance Abatement Bill, which has improved the quality of our neighborhoods and community. I can’t wait to call her ‘congresswoman’.”


Courtney Robinson,  Allentown Councilperson

"Susan Wild has spent her whole life fighting for what's right. This spirit, combined with her working-class background and passion for the community, makes her the only choice to fight for us in Congress."


Robert M. Cohen. Cohen, Parkland School District Director

“I know Susan Wild, and I know she’s not a career politician. She is honest, hardworking, and has proven her dedication to our community. Susan has the educational priorities that Pennsylvania needs: quality public schools, affordable higher education, and support for educators. I am proud to endorse Susan Wild for Pennsylvania’s 7th Congressional District.”


David McGuire, Former Allentown Councilperson

“During my two years serving on the City Council, I had the pleasure of working with Susan Wild and seeing the outstanding job she did as City Solicitor. Susan gave sound legal advice to the Mayor, the Council, and the City Controller, and responded well to the unique challenges of the role. I especially appreciated her work on water issues requiring the city’s action under orders from the EPA; and I know she’ll be a strong defender of our environment in Congress. Susan is a strong progressive and I look forward to her representing us in Washington.”


Adrian Shanker, Democratic State Committee Member, Northampton County; Chair, LGBT Caucus of the Pennsylvania Democratic Party

“In this era of increased hatred and violence that we’ve seen since Donald Trump took office, it’s imperative that the 7th Congressional District is represented by a candidate who believes that LGBT people deserve equal treatment under the law. I am fully confident that Susan Wild will be that representative. I’ve known Susan for more than a decade, and she is an intelligent, proven leader who will approach policy making from a fair-minded perspective. Susan believes in LGBT equality and will fight for fairness at every turn. I look forward to having her as my representative in Congress.”


Cynthia Mota,  Allentown Councilperson

“We live in a diverse community that deserves to be represented in Congress by someone who can understand our concerns and unite everyone around our shared goals. That person is Susan Wild, and we will be fortunate to have her serve us in Washington. I know Susan will work every day to improve the quality of life for all people throughout the district.”

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