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LGBTQ+ Issues

The LGBTQ+ community deserves the same rights and equality under the law as every other American. That’s why I’m working to fight discrimination in schools, workplaces, housing, and anywhere else in our communities.

Criminal Justice Reform and Public Safety

We can make our communities safer, our laws fairer, and save lives when we strengthen public safety resources, remove barriers to reentry, and mitigate racial biases in criminal justice.

Bipartisanship, Accountability and Transparency

I’m proud to be in the top 12% of most bipartisan members of the House according to the Lugar Center rankings. I’ll work with anyone, regardless of party, to get things done. And I don’t take a cent of corporate PAC money – I’m fighting for a cleaner and more effective government.


I’m working to increase our educators’ pay and equitably fund public education, help more students gain access to affordable higher education, and put us on a path toward universal preschool education – because by investing in our children’s educations, we invest in our future.


Making sure our veterans have world-class health care, strong pensions, and the tools to transition to civilian life is critical. Those who put themselves in harm's way to defend our freedom should never be without the care and support they need.


Every American should be able to count on safe, affordable, high-quality housing. I helped deliver emergency rental assistance, the Homeowner Assistance fund, and Housing Choice Vouchers to support the neediest in our community.

Women and Families

I will always fight for a woman’s right to control her own body, make her own health care decisions, and have equal rights and protection in the workplace. When women are supported, our children, workplaces, and communities succeed.

Jobs, Economic Prosperity and Labor Rights

I’m working to protect our workers, reduce the costs of apprenticeship programs, invest in our infrastructure and rural broadband, and support our small businesses – so we can stabilize the economy, lower costs, and bring high-paying jobs home.


I will always fight to protect Social Security and Medicare and oppose any budget cuts or efforts to privatize these programs, and other crucial programs that ensure a good quality of life for older Pennsylvanians.

Health Care

Every single Pennsylvanian deserves access to quality, affordable health care – which is why I’ve worked to strengthen and expand the ACA, close the Family Glitch loophole that kept families from accessing affordable coverage for spouses and dependents, and lower the price of prescription drugs.

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