Voters in Pennsylvania's 7th Congressional District need to see on cable and the local broadcast network WFMZ-TV Channel 69 that Susan is the candidate with the experience and fight to stand up to Donald Trump and protect our progressive values for Lehigh Valley families.  

As the only woman in the race, Susan has a 35-year career fighting for families, against corruption, and for our progressive values.  In Congress, Susan will take on the gun lobby and stand up to the NRA to support common sense gun safety laws, she will protect a woman's right to choose and stop any efforts to defund Planned Parenthood, and she will fix our broken immigration system.  She will never vote to waste taxpayer money on Donald Trump's border wall. 

The Lehigh Valley needs a progressive leader, not conservative politician John Morganelli.  John Morganelli opposes a woman's right to choose and describes himself as pro-life, so he won't stop Republicans who want to defund Planned Parenthood.  He gave a campaign contribution to a Republican Congressman who wanted to stop nearly all immigration into America and later supported literacy tests to keep non-English speakers from voting.  Morganelli also took thousands of dollars from an organization linked to a well-known anti-immigration hate group.  

John Morganelli’s policies are so in line with Donald Trump that Morganelli has frequently tweeted his support for Trump’s policies, and even tweeted he was quote “thankful for your coming leadership” and hoped for a job in Trump’s administration. 

Updated April 25, 2018.

Recent updates from the campaign trail.

The Eagle (American Univ.): Alumna Susan Wild runs for Pennsylvania congressional seat

Wild is the only female candidate seeking the Democratic nomination

Susan Wild’s passion for social justice didn’t develop overnight. She found her home at American University, where she graduated in 1978. Now, Wild is the sole woman vying for the Democratic nomination in Pennsylvania’s...

Shirley Morganelli: Congressional candidate Susan Wild maintains integrity

Morning Call Letter to the Editor:

With an unpopular president and a Republican Congress and Democratic victories in key special elections, there's been a lot of talk of a "...

Express-Times Opinion: Women's rights on the line in Pa. primary election

Express-Times Letter to the Editor:

The 2018 midterm elections will be critical to furthering women's rights. According to the Congressional Research Service, only 88 of the 435...

Press Release: Parkland School District's Robert M. Cohen Endorses Susan Wild

Cohen, the longest-tenured director of the Parkland School District at 21 years, 
cites WIld’s commitment to prioritizing education

Allentown, Pa. (Mar. 26, 2018) — The latest endorsement for Susan Wild for Congress is Parkland School District...

Lehigh Brown & White: Q&A: Susan Wild, Pennsylvania congressional candidate

Susan Wild, the first female solicitor of the city of Allentown, is running for Pennsylvania’s 7th Congressional District. She was named one of the top 50 female lawyers in Pennsylvania in 2013 and elected...

Press Release: LGBT Community Leaders Endorse Susan Wild for Congress

Candida Affa, Adrian Shanker, and Amy Zanelli endorse Wild in the 7th Congressional District

Allentown, Pa. (Mar. 26, 2018) — LGBT community leaders in the 7th congressional district have endorsed Susan Wild for Congress. Endorsements include Adrian...

Press Release: EMILY’s List Endorses Susan Wild in Pennsylvania's 7th District

Washington, D.C. (Mar. 20, 2018) – Today...

The Morning Call: Federal prosecutor from Ed Pawlowski case endorses Democrat Susan Wild for Congress in PA-7

A lead prosecutor in the Allentown public corruption case is wading into the race to represent the Lehigh Valley in Congress, endorsing Democrat and former Allentown solicitor Susan Wild. Former Assistant U.S. Attorney Joe Khan served in a key role on both the Allentown and Reading public corruption cases...

Press Release: Monroe County State Rep. Maureen Madden Endorses Susan Wild

Allentown, Pa. (Mar. 9, 2018) — State Rep. Maureen E. Madden has announced her endorsement of Susan Wild for Congress. Madden, a Democrat, represents part of lower Monroe County, which last month joined Northampton and Lehigh Counties in the newly drawn 7th Congressional District. Madden...

Press Release: Allentown School Board's Sara Jane Brace Endorses Susan Wild

Allentown, Pa. (Mar. 8, 2018) — Allentown City School District At-Large Representative Sara Jane Brace has announced her endorsement of Susan Wild for Congress. Brace, who switched her party affiliation from Republican to Democrat in January of this year, today released the following...


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