Women's Issues & Reproductive Rights

Standing up for women’s issues is one of the core principles of my campaign. I was recruited to run for this seat, and later endorsed by, EMILY’s List, the nation’s leading political action committee focused on electing pro-choice Democratic female candidates. As the only female candidate — out of the eight Republicans and Democrats — on the 7th District’s primary ballot this May, I do not take my role as an advocate and defender of women lightly. 

From the right to have control over what a woman does with her body, to equal rights and protection in the workplace, I will always — always — be an advocate for women:

  • Unequivocally defend a woman’s right to choose. Roe v. Wade is legal precedent and we must fight back against any attempts by the radical Republican Congress and Justices on the Supreme Court to chip away at a woman’s right to privacy. 
  • Stand up for women’s health at every turn. Every Democrat must also beat back any and all attempts by Republicans to defund women’s health clinics. Every woman should be able to receive effective, affordable care when she needs it — especially women with lower incomes, in rural areas with less access to care, and those who otherwise find themselves vulnerable.
  • Close the gender pay gap. We now know that increased education levels help raise women’s average pay, but still doesn’t help close the gap between what men and women earn for doing the same job. I will fight to create laws at the federal level that prevent gender pay discrimination.
  • Strengthen workplace protections for women. From the boardroom to the battlefield, and everywhere in between, women deserve equal representation and equal protection under the law. This includes clear policies and procedures that ensure no woman has to fear retribution for reporting harassment or question whether she works in a safe environment.
  • Parental leave. I support Sens. Sanders and Gillibrand’s FAMILY Act, which would guarantee at least 12 weeks of paid family and medical leave for every worker in America — which they could use to take care of a newborn or help themselves or a family member who has fallen seriously ill. Unfortunately, the Family and Medical Leave Act signed into law in 1993 fails eight in 10 workers who are eligible because they can’t afford it. The FAMILY Act would rectify this. 

A statement of support for my campaign by EMILY’s List President Stephanie Schriock: 

“Susan Wild is a life-long champion for women and families.  Susan has dedicated her life to serving her community and during her legal career  she has focused on fighting for justice and fairness.  As solicitor for the city of Allentown, she was a champion for transparency and accountability – never forgetting that she was there to serve the public. The families of Pennsylvania’s 7th Congressional District deserve a representative who will fight for them, and Susan will do just that. This open seat is an opportunity for new leadership in the Lehigh Valley. Susan Wild will fight to ensure access to health care for all working families and economic policies that don’t mortgage our future just to give big tax breaks to corporations. Susan Wild is exactly the type of leader we need to stand up to Republicans in Washington and EMILY’s List is proud to endorse her candidacy.”


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