Quality Jobs and Economic Prosperity

It’s often said that World War II was won right here in the Lehigh Valley — thanks to the tireless work of Pennsylvania’s men and women who produced the steel that transported and protected the allied troops around the world. 

In the decades since, the economy may have changed, but the grit, determination, and hard work I see every day in our communities has not. Today, anyone who is willing to work should have the chance to, and our political leaders have a responsibility to ensure Pennsylvanians benefit from the country’s economic growth.

I’m dedicated to bringing stable, high-paying jobs to our district. Here’s my plan:

  • Defend, strengthen, and support unions. When Pennsylvania workers are strong, America is strong. I will make it easier for public and private workers to exercise their right to organize. The constant attacks on our hardworking labor force and middle-class stem from the consolidation of corporate power and attempts to dismantle unions. I will work to prevent this because it's imperative that workers are guaranteed higher wages, safer working conditions, better benefits, and the right to collectively organize without fear of intimidation.
  • Invest in training, certification, and apprenticeship programs. Our economy is rapidly evolving and we need to equip Pennsylvanians — especially those without college degrees — with the tools they need to keep pace and succeed in increasingly specialized professions.
  • Increase federal spending on infrastructure. When we invest tax dollars in infrastructure, it’s an investment in our people, too — promoting economic growth while creating new construction and manufacturing jobs for Pennsylvanians.
  • Prevent states from enacting “right-to-work” laws. Don't be fooled by the rhetoric of Republicans — "right-to-work laws" drive down wages and reduce the economic well-being of all workers — union and nonunion alike. Wages for a typical full-time worker in right-to-work states are 3.1 percent lower and research shows that right-to-work laws have no impact on job growth. These laws are about increasing the influence of corporations, not worker freedom or job creation. Right-to-work laws silence workers' voices, reduce their power, and impede their ability to advocate for the economic interests of working people.
  • Protect the Earned Income Tax Credit, which benefits millions of hardworking American families. I will also bolster the Family and Medical Leave Act to ensure those families can stay healthy and strong.
  • Promote rural broadband infrastructure policies that expand broadband access to all communities. We can only stay on the cutting edge of the 21st Century economy if we have the technology to support it.


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