Press Release: Allentown School Board's Sara Jane Brace Endorses Susan Wild


Allentown, Pa. (Mar. 8, 2018) — Allentown City School District At-Large Representative Sara Jane Brace has announced her endorsement of Susan Wild for Congress. Brace, who switched her party affiliation from Republican to Democrat in January of this year, today released the following statement in support of Wild:

“When Rep. Charlie Dent announced he wouldn’t be running for reelection, my heart sank. As a lifelong Republican, I always supported him because he was able to see across the aisle and didn’t always vote for issues just because his party wanted him to vote a certain way. Did I always agree with his votes? No; but for the most part I was able to support him. I switched parties this year when I realized the Republican Party was not putting forth a nominee to follow in Congressman Dent’s footprints. 

“I’m endorsing Susan Wild because she is the best person to continue to work across the aisle to better our state and our country. As a school board member for the Allentown School District, I ran to combat the Trump Administration and its attacks on public education. I know Susan, in turn, will work for our children to make sure their basic right to a free public education is not taken away.”
Brace’s support follows recent endorsements for Wild’s congressional campaign that include: Bill Leiner, who recently suspended his campaign for the same seat; Lehigh County-based state Reps. Peter Schweyer and Mike Schlossberg; several current and former Allentown City Council members; Lehigh County Commissioners Amy Zanelli and Geoff Brace, and former County Executive Tom Muller.

Wild, the first female Solicitor of the City of Allentown, is leading a campaign focused on supporting the working class through health-care equality, defending Social Security and Medicare, and securing quality jobs for residents of the Pennsylvania 7th Congressional District. 


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