Immigration and Refugees

Among the things I’m proudest of as an American is our nation’s reputation for being a melting pot. That’s why I believe it’s the responsibility of each generation to carry forward our tradition of welcoming the world’s most vulnerable people with empathy and compassion. 

Unfortunately, Republicans in Congress are more eager to kowtow to the Trump Administration’s discriminatory, half-baked policies than they have been to forge a genuine, bipartisan plan for addressing our country’s broken immigration system. As your member of Congress, I won’t be deterred by partisan hysteria over immigration. 

My guidepost on this issue will always be ensuring that we remain a beacon of hope and opportunity, through sound, workable policy solutions.

  • Implement an immediate, permanent fix for DACA. This is the right thing to do morally, ethically, and economically. I’ll work to ensure the 800,000 young people brought here when they were children, through no fault of their own, can stay here free from the fear of being deported to a place they’ve never known.
  • Oppose any continued efforts to implement the Trump Travel Ban. This administration has made a series of un-American and unconstitutional attempts to stoke fear and division that will have no true impact on our homeland security. In fact, I’ve helped go against the Trump Administration’s Travel Ban and won — and I’ll do it again. 
  • Stop the wasteful and ineffective ICE raids occurring with increasing frequency across the country. We need real border security, not simply the illusion of security. Pulling people from their homes and businesses and ripping families apart won’t make us any safer.
  • Build bipartisan consensus to fix our broken legal immigration system. This fix can’t be one that reverses our country’s promise, enshrined on the Statue of Liberty, to welcome the tired and the poor, but one that provides people with an efficient, reasonable method for becoming an American while keeping our country safe. 
  • I will never vote for a wall along the U.S. Mexico border. It is an absurd waste of tens of billions of taxpayer dollars. Democrats, Libertarians, and most Republicans agree it will be ineffective in its goal. And not even a single member of Congress — of any party — whose district borders Mexico supports building the wall. With the real infrastructure needs our country is facing, no serious politician can support Trump’s proposal. 


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