In 2019, the new Congress must swiftly act to create a genuine, bipartisan plan for addressing our country’s broken immigration system.  As your Representative, I won’t be deterred by partisan hysteria over immigration. Sensible and reasonable immigration policies will make our country safer and boost our economy.

My guidepost on this issue will always be ensuring that we remain a beacon of hope, compassion, and opportunity, through sound, workable policy solutions.

  • Give Dreamers a path to citizenship. This is the right thing to do morally and economically. I’ll work to ensure the 800,000 young people brought here when they were children, through no fault of their own, can stay here free from the fear of being deported to a place they’ve never known. They must have a real path to citizenship.

  • End and forever banish family separation policies.  History will not treat our country kindly when it comes to the policies of the Trump administration that have resulted in hundreds of children being separated from their parents. This must end, and these families must be reunified immediately.

  • Oppose any further efforts to implement the Trump Travel Ban. This administration has made a series of un-American and unconstitutional attempts to stoke fear and division that will have no true impact on our homeland security. In fact, I’ve helped go against the Trump administration’s Travel Ban and won — and I’ll do it again.

  • Advocate for a border security policy that is both effective and humane. The current policy of mass ICE raids is both inhumane and ineffective. We need a border policy that  keeps families together, focuses on deportations of violent offenders over hard-working families, and processes immigration cases through a fair and equitable judicial system.

  • Refuse to negotiate on political showpieces that waste taxpayer money. I will never vote for a wall along the U.S.- Mexico border. It is an absurd waste of tens of billions of taxpayer dollars that has raised numerous bipartisan concerns. Additionally, this plan has been overwhelmingly rejected by the majority of elected officials in border communities. Here in the Lehigh Valley we are looking for responsible solutions to border security, not political stunts.  

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