Defending the Environment

Environmental conservation used to be a bipartisan issue — from the days of Teddy Roosevelt’s Antiquities Act right through Richard Nixon creating the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and signing into law the Clean Air and Clean Water Acts. But for the past 20 years, Republicans in Congress have unleashed an assault on our environment in which attacking the scientific consensus of climate change is just the start. 

This must end, and I will be a leading voice in Congress to defend our environment. 

  • Fully rejoin the Paris Accord. It’s an embarrassment that we are the only nation on Earth not to sign the framework deal which aims to reduce carbon emissions. The Trump Administration’s disregard for basic science is putting America last on the global stage.
  • Protect our natural resources. Climate Change and the greed of Big Oil are decimating our remaining natural wonders and seashores. I will vote against further attempts to ruin our National Parks, the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, and offshore areas. 
  • Incentivize renewable technologies. The future of American energy is in renewable technologies and manufacturing. If smart tax policies incentivize companies to bring renewable projects to places like the 7th Congressional District, with it will come high-paying, quality jobs, that can put us at the forefront of an emerging global market.
  • Pass the FRAC Act. Oil companies continue to hide the harmful chemical contents used when fracking for natural gas. The public deserves to know what could potentially end up in their drinking water. In Congress, I will follow Sen. Casey’s lead and vote to demand they release this information to the public.
  • Ban fracking on public lands. The effects of fracking continue to mount — from wastewater spills and air quality concerns to earthquakes where none previously existed. And the public continues to pay the price for the greed of Big Oil. I will vote to oppose any fracking on public lands. 
  • Demand equity in our environmental policies. Minority and low-income communities are disproportionately affected by the locations of superfund and waste sites.  Flint, Michigan is just one example.  This leads to poorer health and wellness outcomes. This is unjust and I will demand equity in future projects.


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